Topsy Creek Road

Location: Topsy Creek Road
Client: Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council
Project Value: $4.4 M
Black & More finalised designs and project managed construction of 3 causeways along Topsy Creek Road under Stage 1 of the Topsy Creek Road Upgrade project.
The Topsy Creek Road upgrade project consists of 7 areas of works split into two stages as follows:
Stage 1:
  • Causeway No.1 – Gooseberry Creek
  • 350m x 7m concrete causeway with rock protection either side
  • Causeway No.2 – Sand Hole
  • 150m x 7m concrete causeway including 6/1200×900 box culverts and rock protection either side
  • Causeway No.3 – Boomerang Creek
  • 250m x 7m concrete causeway with rock protection either side
Stage 2:
  • Causeway No.4
  • Causeway No.5
  • Road and Drainage Upgrades at Various Locations
  • Barge Ramp
Stage 2 works are to be designed and constructed in 2017/18. The aim of the project is to provide an alternate supply route to the Community during the wet season when other access roads are closed. These works were funded by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and the Department of Transport and Main Roads.