Mapoon Water Supply Facilities Upgrades

Location: Mapoon, Queensland
Client: Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council
Project Value: $3 million

Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council appointed Black and More to manage upgrades to Mapoon’s water supply facilities. These new facilities include the construction of a new 1.2ML water reservoir and upgrade to the water treatment plant including a SCADA control system.

Mapoon’s water supply is drawn from groundwater supply bores and the existing reservoir is proving too small for the community. The additional storage capacity is intended to provide a level of redundancy in the event of power outages or other emergency situations.

The upgrades to the water treatment plant and provision of a SCADA system allows the water treatment process to be fully automated and controlled remotely. Previously the water treatment had to be monitored regularly and required manual operations.

This project has brought Mapoon’s water supply to 21st century standards and provides the population of Mapoon with reliable source of potable water for years to come.