Brooks Road and Junction Road Upgrades

Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) received funding to provide essential upgrades to existing sections of Brooks and Junction Roads at Mungali.  These roads service local farms and also provide access to a dairy and the Mungali Falls; both of which are popular tourist destinations.

Each section of this project required curve widening (to 7.0m full width), that was unique and needed to be individually assessed and designed to avoid constraints such as property boundaries, steep batters, vegetation, drainage issues and potentially utility services.

Black & More provided civil engineering design documentation for the detailed design phase of the project and RPEQ certified drawings and quantity schedule suitable for tendering and construction.

Tara Lagoon Footpath Rehabilitation Program, Tara

Western Downs Regional Council (WDRC) were undertaking a parklands development at the Tara Lagoon that included reconstruction of a pathway that crossed the creek inlet to the lagoon. Previously the culvert crossings had been destroyed by flood waters and erosion of the mouth of the creek into the lagoon was evident.

Black & More were asked to provide a more permanent and effective design solution for the two creek crossings and 150m of adjacent pathway, which were prone to flooding and scouring in heavy weather events.

Detailed design documentation was provided to WDRC that proposed to realign the pathway to higher ground, removing the need for one of the culvert crossing and utilising a causeway as an alternative.  The realignment would reduce the size of the other culvert crossing and lessen the number of protective treatments required. This saved considerable amount of construction costs, allowing Council to monitor the erosion of the creek inlet and integrity of the lagoon banks, without compromising the pathway structure.

Portland Roads Restoration and Redevelopment Works

Black & More provides master planning, civil engineering design and project management for the construction of major disaster recovery and redevelopment works on a 62km stretch of access road (Portland Road) to the Lockhart River community. Planning works have involved coordination and logistics for delivery of works under multiple government programs including NDRRA, CRF, TIDS and CIMA.

Black & More has undertaken detailed design & documentation, tendering and construction management of 35km+ of Portland Road. Works involve bridging multiple creeks; pavement regrading and realignment; re-sheeting and table drain recovery; sealing and resilience works.

Miskin Housing Estate

Lead consultant in the master planning, project management and civil engineering of a hillside subdivision and 18 housing units.

Pascoe River Crossing – Portland Road

Black & More project managed the design and construction of the rectification and upgrade to the Pascoe Crossing. These works were funded by QRA (NDRRA), CRF and Council. This crossing is a vital link on the only access Road into Lockhart River.

MIP6 NPARC Bamaga Sewerage Lagoons Upgrade and Regional Waste Facility

Black & More are managing the delivery of the upgrade works to the Bamaga Sewerage Lagoons and construction of the new Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) Regional Waste Facility.  The Bamaga Sewerage Lagoons Upgrade involves the expansion of existing primary and secondary treatment ponds and increase in effluent disposal area. The NPA Regional Waste Facility project involves construction of a new landfill facility at Injinoo, new waste transfer station at Umagico and the closure of the existing landfill facility at Umagico.

Aumuller Street Redevelopment

Design and documentation of upgrades to a major collector road in the Cairns road network including multiple intersection treatments and services upgrades.


Black & More managed the design and construction of the demolition and replacement of the Lockhart River Airport Road Bridge. These works were funded by TCICA and Works 4 Queensland. This bridge is a vital link on the only access road into Lockhart River.

SECAR Radar Construction and Removal

Black & More acted as civil, structural and logistics engineers in the construction of surface wave radar facility trials on the Islands of Dauan and Koey in Torres Strait. The facilities located in uninhabitated areas required complex project management for successful installation. We subsequently managed the physical demobilisation of the facilities including cultural heritage, native title and environmental considerations.